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Welcome to the Blog Series page.

Here you’ll find series of posts on a variety of focused topics.  You can read each series from beginning to end or you can pick and choose which posts you want to read.  Regardless of how you read them, I hope you find them helpful, encouraging, and practical.

Current Series



Previous Series

The Human Problem

Part 1: Don’t Trust God

Part 2: Freedom

Part 3: Growing Up


How to Make a Yearly Ministry Calendar

Part 1: School Year vs Summer

Part 2: Activities and Availability of Your Students

Part 3: Rhythm of The Year

Part 4: Cost of Events


‘Tribes’ Book Review Series

Part 1: Being OK With Being Wrong

Part 2: How We Communicate

Part 3: Change is Always Too Late

Part 4: Magic and Leadership

Part 5: The Commitment of Success

Part 6: Leadership in Action

Part 7: The Obligation



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